Curatorial Introduction to the Nusantara Exhibition


Curatorial Introduction to the Nusantara Exhibition

Welcome to the Nusantara Exhibition, a dynamic initiative inviting you to explore the diversity and richness of Indonesian visual art through a central theme encompassing various unique sub-themes. This exhibition is a manifestation of our commitment to advance and introduce Indonesian art through an innovative and inclusive digital platform.

Why the Nusantara Exhibition?

The Nusantara Exhibition is designed with one primary goal: to present and celebrate the visual diversity of Indonesian art in a harmonious unity. Indonesia, with its abundant cultural wealth, has many untold stories through visual art. Through the Nusantara Exhibition, we hope to unite these narratives in one platform, creating a beautiful mosaic of our cultural and aesthetic heritage.

Main Theme and Sub-Themes

This year’s central theme for the Nusantara Exhibition is “The Beauty of Nusantara’s Nature”. This theme was chosen to reflect the deep connection between the Indonesian people and their surrounding nature. Under this theme, various sub-themes are explored, such as Indonesia’s unique flora and fauna, breathtaking landscapes, and the interaction between humans and nature in daily life. Each sub-theme offers a unique perspective, providing artists with the freedom to express their interpretations creatively.

Continuous and Dynamic Format

The Nusantara Exhibition runs continuously without a fixed end date. Artworks will be rotated periodically, keeping the exhibition fresh and engaging for visitors. This also allows more artists to showcase their work, creating a healthy and inclusive rotation. With this format, we hope the Nusantara Exhibition will remain a compelling art destination, offering new experiences every time.

Interaction and Education

We believe that art is about interaction and communication. Therefore, the Nusantara Exhibition is designed to encourage intense interaction between artists and visitors. Through digital technology, visitors can explore 3D virtual galleries, participate in Q&A sessions with artists, and join educational workshops and seminars. Additionally, educational content such as tutorial videos, articles, and interviews with artists and curators are available to enrich the public’s understanding of visual art.

Community and Collaboration

The Nusantara Exhibition also serves as a platform to build a strong community among artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts. We provide spaces to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in visual art through social media, webinars, and online discussion groups. Additionally, our artist residency program invites artists to live and work in specific locations, allowing them to interact directly with local communities and develop new works.

Promotion and Economic Support

One of the primary goals of the Nusantara Exhibition is to support the sustainability and economic development of artists. We facilitate the sale of artworks online through a secure and efficient system, and seek to provide funding opportunities, scholarships, and grants for artists. Through paid and free exhibitions, we strive to enhance accessibility and financially support artists.


We invite you to enjoy the visual journey offered by the Nusantara Exhibition. Let us celebrate the rich visual diversity of Indonesian art, appreciate each work with profound meaning, and support artists in their creative journey. This exhibition is a reflection of the spirit of mutual cooperation and cultural diversity that is at the core of our national identity.

Enjoy the Nusantara Exhibition!

Curators of the Nusantara Exhibition